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Far superior then anything I could've imagined

Dear Tricia & Frank,

"Now that we are almost down the road toward completion of my first custom home by Sinn Design & Build, it occurred to me that I am well overdue in expressing to you how I feel about the job your company has done on my behalf.

Having looked at other homes with different builders before discovering Sinn, I certainly have some basis for comparison. While my other experiences weren't necessarily bad ones, my experience with your company and all of its suppliers and sub-contractors has been far superior then anything I could've imagined. In fact, when I describe my level of satisfaction to friends and family and others, they almost act in disbelief since most of their experiences with other builders have not been near as positive as mine. You and Frank and your staff deserves the utmost in credit for the level of professionalism, quality and attention to detail. I am truly proud to be associated with such a fine company. As I have told all of you, I would not even consider having anyone else build´┐Ża home for me other than Sinn Design & Build

While I won't attempt to list all of the highlights of your team's work, a few worth special mention are, first of all, the consistent courtesy that Lisa Schuler has showed me and my wife during the entire process. I have never once been treated with anything but the highest level of professionalism and the best of attitudes. Next, there was never a day that some extensive work wasn't being done on my home. Never did I have to worry about the house sitting idle. Another highlight is the extensive list of luxury amenities you include and insist on upholding. Your long list of standard amenities simply blows away those that I have seen from other builders. Finally, the attention to detail, especially with things like millwork and trim is as good as I've ever seen, even in homes at a much higher cost.

Tricia, I could go on but I think you get the idea. Please accept my sincere appreciation for making these experiences so fun and exciting and pass along my feelings to the rest of your staff."

Bernie S.

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