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Tricia Sinn is the exception the rule

“When we moved into our home, we knew that many changes needed to be made to accommodate our lifestyle. Despite being an older home with smaller rooms, we loved the location and were willing to do what it took to make it work. We began taking bids, but few of the remodelers seemed to understand what I wanted or cared to really listen. Tricia with Sinn Design Build was the exception to this rule.

Unlike the other remodelers, Tricia listened first then she spoke. She wanted to know how I lived and then designed based on this. Tricia cared about making the design fit our family, so we chose to go with Sinn for the remodeling of our home.

We needed extensive work throughout the house — from the kitchen to the basement to putting on an addition. Instead of doing it all at once, we chose to do the project in stages over several years. Throughout, the entire Sinn staff has been caring, cooperative, and knowledgeable. During our first project, I broke my shoulder and was on bed rest and was continually asked by the staff if there was anything they could do for me. The Sinn team is made up of caring, dedicated people.

Along the way, Tricia has come up with ideas to improve the design. I was impressed by her creativity and evolving vision from beginning to end -- and she inspired me to see this vision. From archways to focal points in each room, and all the tiny little details, the home is beautiful yet comfortable. The first project helped open our kitchen and breakfast rooms and the second updated our basement and bedroom.

Like any design project, especially with an older home, unforeseen problems do occur. During our first project in the kitchen, the plumbing needed to be reworked and the cabinets came in wrong, but the team was able to overcome the problems and make it work still keeping close to our original schedule.

Billing has been close to target, and Sinn has the flexibility to allow for add-ons. Despite all of the work being done, the Sinn team kept our home clean and presentable. Our family was extremely pleased with the first two projects, and we look forward to working again with Sinn to add space onto our home in stage three.”
-- Patty Von Gontard

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