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The Exclusive Sinn Design • Build Design Assessment

Plan It! When planning projects, Sinn starts where every good building begins - at the foundation. This involves the examination of three things:

  • What you need
  • What you want
  • What you can afford

We establish goals, learn about how the family wants to live, and determine how to make it happen within budget and timelines.

The Design Assessment process for new home construction is a bit different from custom renovations. For renovations, we must talk not only about goals, lifestyle and budgets, but we also must agree on how the family will live with the Sinn team in the home - literally.

Construction is always easier when you know what to expect, so the Design Assessment process helps to plan as much as possible up front, eliminating surprises during construction.

Design It! Once goals are established, we begin creating visual representations – sketches - of how your project will take shape. We'll work together to start putting your needs and our collective ideas on paper to determine how to best achieve your needs, wants and budget. These drawings will determine the project's budget, so you'll know what to expect. This helps to avoid change orders later on in the project.

Let's go shopping! This is the most important step in making your house into a home, and in keeping your project on budget. Tricia Sinn has been quoted in Remodeling Magazine as saying:

"The good news is, there are a thousand options.
The bad news is, there are a thousand options."

But Sinn Design • Build takes that pressure away, sharing our years of experience in selecting everything from plumbing and electrical fixtures to cabinets, flooring, countertops and everything else that goes into the home. Many selections can be made right in our own library, saving time and moving the process forward very quickly. We may also visit select vendor showrooms, quickly narrowing our choices based on preliminary planning. What can be overwhelming – and a budget breaker – for most is a well planned and executed orchestration for Sinn clients.

Now, Build It! Sinn Design • Build's seamless coordination with our construction team allows us to bring your vision to life. Schedules are based on plans and selections, and because everything has been so thoughtfully planned from day one, you know exactly what to expect. Your home takes shape and becomes the beautiful, functional space you've been seeing in your mind's eye.

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